Today I did a quick cleansing and Warding.

At my parents’ place.  My sister had felt something lurking, as did her partner, and the stray cats that have taken shelter in the garage were refusing to go into part of it.  So she and I did a quick and dirty cleansing and warding.  It’s a short, simple ceremony I’ve perfected over the years, which has a longer, more involved counterpart that’s better done in warmer weather.

For today’s ceremony, I had her circle the house in sea salt, going widdershins, of course,  and leaving the front door unsealed.  We then lit a white candle annointed with sandalwood, a black candle annointed with frankincense, and a stick of amber incense on each floor, since this was really just a reinforcing.  And also in the garage where the presence was strongest.

We started at the top floor, lit the incense, then the white candle, and then the black.  I had her help me visualize the flame from the white candle purifying the floor we were on, sweeping all negativity and bad energy down the stairs and out the front door.  Then to imagine the flame from the black candle chasing the white, to protect and seal the house from malign influences.  We repeated this on the first floor, and also in the garage itself where the presence was strongest.

After pushing all the negativity and malign influences out, we sealed the front door with sea salt and a bay leaf.

For candles, I find that party stores now sell birthday cake candles in black as well as white.  This is a boon.  Often times, the spell work I do requires you let the candle burn itself out, but sometimes that takes forever, and you don’t want to leave lit candles unattended.  Birthday cake candles burn quickly and leave relatively little wax behind.  I love them.

Of course, I’ve got nicer beeswax candles on hand for things that need to take more time, or if it’s the first time I’m purifying and warding someplace.

I’ll record the longer, initial purification and warding ceremony later.  Right now I’m kind of tuckered out.

For the record, I tend to follow up successful rituals (we know it was successful, because before we left, my sibling went down to check on the last of the candles, and one of the strays had been nosing around the space they’d refused to go all last week) by going to a favorite metaphysical bookstore that also has a coffee bar inside.  Mmmm, hemp milk mochas.


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