Been Doing a Lot of Thinking

I spend a lot of time at Skeptical and Atheist blogs, because I agree with them on a lot issues.  I don’t believe in Intelligent Design, I’m not Christian and haven’t been for a long time, I think Homeopathy is bullshit and that people who don’t vaccinate their children are at best idiots, and at worst criminal.

However, I have some personal experiences that I think I’ve touched on in other entries involving knowing things I couldn’t have known, or seeing or feeling things that the skeptics have unilaterally declared nonsense.  And I’m just not that keen to disbelieve my own experiences in the name of science any more than I am keen to believe something just because some ancient dude said so.  We’ve had studies that talk about the way prayer and other meditative states create unique brain patterns, and both sides are claiming that this is/isn’t definitive proof that god does/doesn’t exist.

My response to that is, that I do not necessarily believe in a God as many people recognize it, but rather I believe in a primal creative force that spawned life in the universe.  If I have talk about an origin story, I think the Big Bang does just fine.  And if you want me to anthropomorphize it, then let’s just say whatever it is threw a bunch of stuff in a petri dish, gave it a good stir, and maybe they check in every so often to make some notes, frown a couple of graphs and record a few of the weird plaintive sounds emanating from the dish.

I don’t think there is any disconnect between being skeptical and spiritual.  Nor do I think there is anything skeptical in denying your own experiences because someone who doesn’t believe in them has created a null hypothesis.

I like science.  I think it’s awesome and should be taken far more seriously than it is.  I think it will uncover a lot of the stuff that skeptics right now scoff at, and explain them better than, “It’s all your silly imagination.”  And I’m waiting for it to do so.  Just to shut some of those assholes  up.



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