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Greetings from the Land of Cynicism

Not really.  I’m oddly non-cynical right now.  Pretty content, actually. New job that has made my life eleventy-billion times better.  New room-mate who is fucking awesome and whom I could see being family in the long term.  We got our other stolen cat back just two weeks ago, and it’s like he never left.  

I’m in a really good place right now.  And I’m even learning to enjoy it instead of sitting clenched, waiting for the other shoe to fall.  

I’m good.  Really good.  

And I think I need to spend some time on mindfulness and thanking whatever it was that got me here, whether I give credit to outside forces or my own subconsciousness.  I can’t recall being this happy in years.  It’s kind of scary, but nice. 

I need to remember to not only speak to the Universe when I am sad and in need of help, I need to remember to be grateful for the good as well.  As do we all.  


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Reminders that Sometimes there is More than Meets the Eye…

And I’m not talking about Transformers.

This weekend, I reconnected with some old friends.  We hadn’t seen them in nearly a decade.  Their retreating into being hermits sort of coincided with some weird growing pains I had going on in my late 20s/early 30s.  Long story.  Anyway, a couple of years ago, I woke up from a dream that the female half of the couple had died, and immediately called to see if she was ok.  I talked to her husband who said, yes, everything was fine, but thank you for calling. 

I didn’t hear from them until a couple weeks ago.

It seems that a few weeks after I called, she decided to go in to the doctor’s, just in case.  She wound up having a quintuple bypass and being very lucky that she’d gone in and done it then.  As she hadn’t had a heart attack, her heart was undamaged and with the renewed blood flow to her heart, she should be fine for a long time to come. 

And shit like that is why, though I am skeptical about a bunch of stuff, I just cannot bring myself to write off a lot of “woo.”  Because it’s asking me to write off my own experiences of life, and take it on faith that those things I’ve experienced have no basis in reality. 


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I Don’t Want to Live in a World Without Magic

I think the thing that keeps me from fully embracing atheism is the fact that I think living in a world without the possibility of magic is kind of a horrible thought.  Even if sometimes that magic is scary or could hurt you.

I don’t know.  Just a thought.

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